Never Underestimate a Man Who Puts His Trust in God

Ron Paul, member of the United States House of...


Never underestimate a man who puts his trust in God. Ron Paul is a Born Again Christian who has remained faithful to one wife all the days of his life. That requires honor, perseverance and loyalty.

He also has been faithful to the Constitution created by the founders of America. That also requires honor, perseverance and loyalty. Anyone who would fear a man with these qualities needs to do some soul searching to find out what it is they are afraid of. He has held true and consistently to the Constitution for 30 years without wavering.

They should be more afraid of holding on to proven liars, thieves and corrupters of the truth. Are they afraid that he is too good to be true. He is role model to our youth, a man of courage and dignity unparalleled in this day of womanizers and greedy politicians. He is a breath of fresh air that is so desperately needed in leadership, an example to us all of the importance of standing up for values even in the face of adversity.

Ann Pride