Washington to Limit the Sale of Ammunition

While you slept…

The latest attempt to disarm the people may seem good to some but this is just the latest ploy in a long stream of attacks on the 2nd amendment. The government keeps slipping various bills through congress without the American people being aware of many of these bills. The latest is the bill to deny us our freedom to purchased ammunition. This will take away the American way of life in more ways than one.

U.S. House Democrats presented on Monday a bill to limit Internet sales of ammunition. The bill was presented by Senator Frank Lautenberg and Rep. Carolyn McCarthy. The bill will prevent a person who is not authorized to buy ammunition online. The question that enters my mind is how and who if anyone will be “authorized” to make ammunition purchases online.

“It’s a bill with a simple common sense, which would create a firewall to detect suspicious activity, helping to prevent the sale of ammunition to terrorists or would-be author of a slaughter,” said the senator.

The petitions to stop the sale of arms and ammunition in the United States have skyrocketed since the Colorado shooting. This bill is supported by the administration of President Barack Obama and both parties in Congress believe it is necessary to strengthen immediately the legislation on access to guns.

Many Americans may not understand the advantage of purchasing ammunition online instead of a local retailer, but the advantage to buying ammunition online is because it can be purchased at a  much cheaper. You can buy some bullets which have been re-loaded which will greatly reduce the price for one thing and the other is you cut out the middleman.

I have always like target practicing with a gun. My dad purchased my first shot-gun when I was twelve years old, but even then ammunition was too high to enjoy much practicing. I do not think my dad realized how much I would enjoy this pass time and the time we spent together doing it.

So then my dad purchased me a 22 rifle so I could practice more. After I got better and older he allowed me to use his larger rifles. He even taught me how to use a muzzle loader because where I grew up they had a special hunting season just for muzzle hunting.

My dad loved to hunt and was an avid gun collector. He taught me how to hunt not only with a gun but with a bow and arrow. I do not think that many people realized that hunting is not just a sport but it puts food on the table. It not only puts food on the table, but it supplies healthy food that has not been perverted by our food industry. It is as organic as it comes.

Those were defiantly days to remember because a person can hardly afford such a pass time now. We have worked with our boys to teach them how to handle a fire arm but it is hard to let them become marksmen because the prices are to expensive. My dad has since passed away and those are such treasured memories that I am sure many Americans have, but it is becoming harder and harder to make these memories with our children in today’s society.

If “We the People” continue to sit back and allow such bills to slip in because we are not paying attention, we will soon become stripped of everything. They do not have to take away the second amendment “the right to bear arms”, because the perfect way to avoid disarming the people is to let them keep their firearms, but put restrictions on buying ammunition. This not only takes away our right to protect ourselves, it is also taking away the American way of life. It takes away from the father who hunts to put food on the table.

I would like to also point out to the entire “animal rights” activist, if animals such a deer are not thinned out by hunters that it produces a famine to wildlife because there is not enough foliage to support an overpopulation of deer and many other forms of wildlife.


Do not take my word for it. Do your own research.






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    • We are all going to need to stay vigilant because the government has went rogue and trying to slip in a new bill every single day.