Skype Gives Police Access to User Info, Chats


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We hear of congress arguing over bills that will enable them to invade our privacy, but in reality Big Brother is already watching every move we make. Skype is the latest to freely give up our privacy rights to the “Man”.

The Washington Post is reporting the online phone platform Skype has increased its cooperation with law enforcement to give police access to online chats and other user data, including credit card numbers and addresses. Skype has had a reputation as a highly secure platform used around the world by activists seeking to avoid government repression. Its reputation for security stemmed from its strong encryption technology and other features. But authorities had pushed for changes, saying Skype’s security allowed criminals to communicate secretly. Skype’s security changes have been hailed by law enforcement but strongly criticized by anti-surveillance activists.


 Washington is a Circus and Wall Street is the Ringmaster


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