Obama: ‘Our Plan Worked’, Give Me a Second Term. What?

The latest comments made by Obama, has beyond a doubt convinced me that we have a mad man at the wheel. He is obviously a delusional egotistical maniac, with possible psychopathic tendencies.

It wasn’t enough to insult American entrepreneurs with his statement that they didn’t build their businesses on their own, and yes it was most definitely in context, but he had to go a step further and claim that the country had tried Republican plans, but when Obama implemented his plans, well I’ll just quote him,

“Just like we’ve tried their plan, we tried our plan, and it worked…that’s why I’m running for a second term.”

Say what? This is the same guy who said he would attack himself on his economic failures just like Mitt Romney was doing.

So again, how’s that “Hope and Change” working for ya America? Not only are was seeing poor GDP growth, as well as, another turn down into deeper recession, but the unemployment rate continues above eight percent, at least according to government numbers, Americans are being taxed more, wasted $800 billion in stimulus that produced hardly any meaningful jobs, and we have run $1 trillion in deficits for five years in a row. Yeah, I think your plan is working out just how you hoped Mr. Obama.
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