Americans need a severe case of Alley Oopism.

Alley Oop. Do you remember Alley Oop of funny paper and song fame? He carried a big stick and didn’t walk softly. He tore the limbs off of trees.

Mr. Oop was capable of defending himself, his family, and his property. He had a big stick. Down through the ages, improvements were made in self-defense implements. Spears, bows and arrows, catapults, sling shots, etc. were invented and used. These same tools could be used for offensive purposes, also. And evil men, usually in the form of a government but sometimes other forms of gangs, used these tools of destruction to force others to comply with their demands. Demands they had no right to make. “Pay the taxes I deem necessary – or else!” Some complied, some didn’t. Those who didn’t were killed or banished from their land. Those who complied were treated…

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