NEWSFLASH: Voting for Ron Paul is Not a wasted vote




Everyone keeps saying that voting for Ron Paul is just throwing your vote away. I am sick of hearing that little piece of propaganda, because it just isn’t true. What makes me so unbelievable annoyed is so many Ron Paul supporters have fell for it hook line and sinker. Wake up people and stop drinking the Kool-Aid, because that is just another lie both parties would have us to believe.

Thinking that your vote won’t count if you write him in is like thinking that your vote won’t count if your candidate loses. But that’s wrong. For most people, your vote is your ONLY opportunity to tell your government WHAT YOU WANT.

To take an obvious example, voting for Romney in order to replace Obama is a vote FOR the status quo. It doesn’t matter if your candidate wins or not; if Ron Paul gets 10% of the popular vote, and the Romney/Obama results are closer than 1%, there are going to be SWEEPING CHANGES in BOTH parties as they each try to figure out how to GET THOSE VOTES.

Stop thinking of your vote as a bet on a horse, and start thinking of it as a chance to tell your government what you want. Then, vote your conscience and it will NEVER be wasted.

I would like to thank a friend for showing me this truth, because I never did like Kool-Aid.


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4 responses to “NEWSFLASH: Voting for Ron Paul is Not a wasted vote

  1. A vote for Paul is a vote for Romney. Third-party candidates ALWAYS take votes away from the incumbent. I know you’re wise enough to know that fact.

    • I am not so sure about the third-party voter thing this time. The American people are fed so much propaganda the media has convinced us that they have to be in one of the 2 parties. I am sick of the two party system because it isn’t working.

      • A third party vote going for Ron Paul could hurt Romney and cost him the election, and i know you dont want to see 4 more years of socialsm.

      • I believe the time has came where the American people would vote for a third-party candidate and that he being Ron Paul could win.
        No I do not want another four years of socialist and that is what we will get whether it is Mitt or Obama.