Obamacare…I see dead people

Is Obamacare really about his concern for our health or is he looking at an over populated world. Does this sound ridiculous? Well when you are out of the loop you are only left to speculate.

I like many others are in the dark about our new healthcare system. I like to know the details of everything and we have been told nothing thus far of the gory details of just exactly how it will work.

That is because healthcare reform is decidedly a work in progress. Congress purposely waited until 2014 to activate many of the law’s labyrinthine provisions because they have yet to figure it out themselves.

I am left with many questions:  Will my premiums go up or down? Do I have access to the same quality of care as I do under my current health insurance? Will some lose the employer-provided coverage they now have, and end up being forced to the state exchanges where they will be compelled to purchase a policy they can’t afford with an inadequate federal subsidy? Will the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions just be left in the way-side? Will there be a massive rationing of healthcare services?

There are a few things we should already realize and soon 16 million new Medicaid patients will quickly find out what current Medicaid patients already know; that it is very tough to find a doctor or network of doctors who will work with your insurance.

Everyone understands that insurance companies are likely to lose money on people with preexisting conditions and that the extra income due to the individual mandate is meant to counteract this cost.

That being said, companies will still try to lower their costs as far as possible, and because of the Obamacare regulations, the easiest way they can do so is by reducing quality. Companies will effectively compete to offer the worst insurance coverage to people with preexisting conditions, because doing so will save them the most money.

ObamaCare’s Independent Medicare Advisory Board and other regulatory committees and mandates will make it more and more difficult for doctors to practice and to order the tests and treatments they feel patients need.

They will require more staff hours to deal with all the red tape. As more doctors drop out and no longer accept insurance, another unconstitutional mandate will become necessary to compel doctors to participate again.

The thought of the horrors which may result from the American people being force-fed something we did not want may kill us all, unless you are part of the élite or the chosen ones. But we are over populated already so maybe they want to do a little weeding.

However, maybe we should all just lay our worries down, because the government knows how to handle healthcare, because one only has to look how they have handled Medicare and Social Security thus far to know that we are in good hands.


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