An Insightful and Eye Opening Statement about the Elections

 A friend made this comment earlier that opened my eyes to the truth today and I felt I had to re-post it because I had never looked at the elections quite this way, but please read and share this with others. I think you will have your eyes opened as well.

If enough people would do as John Adams said should be done and vote for truth a third-party could win. It is only because people have been so brainwashed into believing they must vote for one of the two major parties. One more reason George Washington (among other founders) spoke against a two-party system.

Republicans have done nothing but rob our freedom and pervert the Constitution, if we were to be honest one evil is really no less evil than the other. It is pure ignorance to say if you don’t vote Republican you are helping Obama get re-elected. There is no data that supports that claim, it is simply political rhetoric spewed by Republicans to scare people into supporting liberal, unconstitutional Republicans.

In fact, election history would point to third parties helping Republicans if one really cares to investigate, but there is no hard data. So voting third-party is not allowing Obama to get back in office that is pure mindless rhetoric with no historical or factual foundation.

It is sad you confess you are ready, willing and able to give up freedom my ancestors fought and died for. Give  ‘ up a little freedom at a time’ you help me prove my point.

Study history, socialism is a slow slide and does not happen over night. So by you stating you will give up a little freedom you are admitting your assistance in our slide into socialism.

So, the Romney voter is just as dangerous to this nation as a Obama supporter. I will NEVER cast a anti-American, anti-Constitutional, anti-freedom ballot, if you vote for Romney, you cannot say the same.

Now you confess you will be voting for evil (as ‘lesser of the two evils’ passively implies your acknowledgement of both being evil) and you feel this is the good thing to do? Supporting evil is the ‘good’ thing to do? Maybe it is just the way I was raised, but I was taught and believe good is good, and evil is evil and supporting evil is always wrong in all circumstances.

Please let me also remind you that Romney is a Mormon as well. So it is hard to justify a Christian voting for a cult member.

Adam Stroud


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